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When you put the D-DAFO on your child, do the following:

1. Have your child seated or laying on their back with their knee and hip flexed. This is with the knee towards the chest.


2. Make sure that you have the RIGHT tongue with the RIGHT D-DAFO and the LEFT tongue with the LEFT D-DAFO. Set the tongues aside and open the flexible flanges on the orthosis to “scoop” the child's foot up into the orthosis.


3. Have the child rest their foot in the orthosis against your knee or the edge of the chair with their knee up toward the chest. This will help relax tight or spastic muscles while pushing their heel down into the orthosis. Pull open the flanges of the D-DAFO and tuck the tongue into the orthosis making sure that it does not fold over.


4. The shell and tongue edges should fit exactly into the cavity where they were formed during fabrication.


5. Pull the Velcro closure snug on top of the foot first. This is critical for holding the heel all the way down and into the orthosis.


6. Pull each end of the elastic strap until they meet in the back. This strap stretches to allow dorsiflexion.


7. Make sure the heel is to the back and bottom of the D-DAFO by looking through the peek hole. The heel should be right up against the plastic around the peek hole. If there is any space re-tighten the straps and check again. Please call our office if you are unable to get or hold the heel all the way back into the orthosis.


8. Pull a little extra sock out in the toe area make sure the toes have room to move and are not cramped. Make sure that there are not any wrinkles under the strap areas on the orthosis as well.

When receiving new orthoses, check your child’s feet periodically (every 2 to 3 hours) for the first couple of days and as needed thereafter to make sure that there are no problems.

Please call our office if your child develops any pressure areas or red marks that last longer than 20 minutes to ˝ hour.


Shoes must always be worn with the D-DAFO's. (Athletic lace up shoes work best).

A clean, thin, snug sock with a heel works best.

The D-DAFO should be kept clean – wash out with soap and water as needed. Air dry.

If the Velcro wears out, contact us and we will replace it.

Please call our office immediately with any questions or problems.
Grand Rapids office (616) 956-5556