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         Patent #6860864

DeRoos-Dynamic Ankle Foot Orthosis

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Adjustable Dynamic Orthosis

The D-DAFO’s unique dynamic design and materials redefine excellence in orthotic treatment for pediatric neuromuscular patients. This orthosis addresses all segments of the foot and ankle complex into a corrected alignment, with the adjustability to limit and allow specific movements as needed for ideal patient function and development.

When determining the most beneficial orthotic options for a pediatric patient, it is important to consider not only the specific movements the orthosis will stop and limit, but equally important to consider which movements to assist and encourage. The D-DAFO enables the dynamic support to build muscle control, proprioception, and balance.

The D-DAFO’s circumferential, total contact, dynamic system, controls and guides the tibia through the motions that stabilize the lower limb. Working together in unison, the pre-tibial shell, tongue, flanges, and elastic Velcro assist to control velocity, rotation, and range of tibial advancement over the foot.

Every aspect of each D-DAFO, including custom variable material thickness, shank angle, padding, intrinsic/extrinsic posting, trim lines, pre-tibial shell/tongue height, closures and reinforcements are tailored to the unique needs of each patient.

Functional Art
Changing Children's Lives


No two are alike. Each and every D-DAFO is different just as the needs for each and every child.






A circumferential total contact dynamic force system.





Dynamic triplanar stabilization and movement control for the foot and ankle.






This 'low profile' D-DAFO provides dynamic alignment and support for the foot and ankle while allowing plantar flexion and dorsiflexion.




Articulating with posterior stop

Children that can not achieve 90 degrees neutral


Prevent Deformity


Enhance Function




Posterior Leaf Spring


Encourage Develoment

Pediatric Orthotic Specialists works in a team approach with the medical community. The various orthotic designs that we provide are intended to treat a variety of specific conditions and symptoms. All patients requiring orthotic treatment should be evaluated by a physician who is trained in determining appropriate orthotic design.

Our Goals:
1. Prevent Deformity- This is done by maintaining ROM(Range Of Motion), maintaining correct alignment, and limiting potentially damaging motions.
2. Improve function- This is done by preventing deformity, providing stability, and applying the "best" design for the patient.
3. Facilitate Development- This is done through an ongoing process of evaluation and working with Physicians, Therapists, and family to provide the best design for achieving rehab and developmental goals.
4. Fulfilling Goals set forth by patient’s family with orthotic treatment.