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Low Load Progressive Stretch

Pediatric Orthotic Specialists designs and fabricates numerous dynamic orthoses providing adjustable Low Load Progressive Stretch. These orthoses increase the child's Range of Motion (ROM) and assures corrected alignment of the bones and joints. They are at work while the child rests or sleeps.


Roosterboot 2 with Molded Inner Boot designs.
                                              Patent pending.


A few examples below.


Innovation, Function, Progress……

In an effort to add functional progression to a child's comprehensive treatment, Pediatric Orthotic Specialists has developed the Roosterboot 2 Nighttime Dynamic Stretching Orthosis. This groundbreaking orthosis creates a streamlined design to provide a long-term, low-load stretch to the gastrocnemius and soleus muscles of the posterior compartment when range of motion (ROM) deficiencies are documented. By holding the child's foot and ankle complex into a subtalar neutral position in the orthosis, the dynamic stretch is administered to the corresponding joints in their intended alignment. This creates a comfortable, low-load stretch for the patient over a long period of time while also assuring the child will continue to grow and development in this corrected position. Primarily using a nighttime wear schedule also affords the Roosterboot 2 the ability to apply the dynamic stretch while the child is sleeping and in their most relaxed state. As a result, the low-load stretch can remain comfortable while not being overcome by spasticity or muscle spasms. Should these involuntary spasms occur during the night, the Roosterboot 2 simply moves with the patient and restores a full stretch once the spasm has subsided.




Roosterboot 1

The Rooster Boots are available in varying colors which each patient can choose at their casting appointment.
We fabricate thin rubber sole on the Rooster boots so that children can get up to use the restroom during the night without slipping and falling or having to remove the orthosis.


The Rooster Boot is designed to provide an adjustable, dynamic stretch to the heel cords.
The custom, overlapping padding provides total contact for pressure reduction and maintaining correct alignment.
(for kids--large and small)


KAFO with the D-DAFO
This KAFO has a dynamic stretching joint at the knee and incorporates the D-DAFO. This design is made for children with severe spasticity and/or malalignment throughout the foot and ankle. The D-DAFO provides a very intimate, total contact hold for correction and pressure distribution.

Dynamic KAFO
This particular KAFO has dynamic stretchig joints at both the knee and ankle. Each joint can be adjusted for patient comfort and maximum stretch.


Holding the ankle at 90 degrees and maintaining correct alignment throughout the foot is crucial for achieving an effective stretch on the Gastrocnemius.



Dynamic KAFO
This Dynamic KAFO has a dynamic joint at the knee only. The ankle is held at 90 degrees and in correct alignment.



Roosterboot with KO attachment
This "KAFO" is in two parts. The knee orthosis snaps onto the Rooster boot. Both the knee and ankle have dynamic adjustable joints for comfort and stretch. Making this in two parts allows parents the option of using only the Rooster Boots at certain times. The KO section can also be fabricated at a later date once need is determined.