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“Bring us your tired...your dirty...your tattered Velcro and worn-off stickers and we will find a child who's life may be changed by re-using those old, used orthoses.”

Pediatric Orthotic Specialists is asking for you to return the used orthoses that we have provided to your child so that we can recycle them for children who do not have access to the medical care that they need. Many of the children that we are working with may not even have shoes, so, shoes that fit the orthoses you are donating are also appreciated.

We are currently working with non-profit groups and volunteers in a few impoverished areas of the world.

You can be assured that every orthosis that is donated will be greatly appreciated and will give new life to these underprivileged children and families.
Due to space and technical limitations, we are only able to re-use the orthoses that we have made.


Used UCBL's, D-DAFO's, Articulating AFO's, Solid Ankle AFO's, KAFO's, RGO's, HKAFO's, Rooster Boots, Nighttime KAFO's and SHOES will all be accepted at our office in Grand Rapids.


Your donations make a big difference!!